Opponents in any field don’t lose a chance to hit their enemies either directly or by throwing satires. And it is crystal clear to both cine folks and audiences about the enmity between Chiru and Rajasekhar. This time Rajasekhar chose a telly chat show to attack his opponents. Both Rajasekhar and Jeevita alongwith Prabhudeva took part in veteran director K . Raghavendra Rao’s show ‘Soundarya Lahari’. Jeevita asked Rajasekhar if he is interested to do a multi-starrer, with whom would he pair up with. Without hesitation, Rajasekhar took Chiranjeevi’s name. He further explained that if he has got a substantial and equal role, he would even play a villian in Chiru’s movie.

Rajasekhar didn’t stop with this. When asked who his favourite actress is, he took the name of Nayanatara. Prabhudeva’s face turned pale hearing that answer. However this reply is like a tit for tat. Before that, when Jeevita enquired Prabhu who he considers the best dancer in the three film industries he is associated with, Prabhu simply said, “Chiru Sir. I love him. I just love him”. Jeevita turned pale. One can easily guess why Rajasekhar took Nayanatara’s name. Something like a hide and seek game.