Tamil star Ajith’s birthday falls on May 1 making the, already a holiday, extra special for the fans. But that doesn’t seem to be it for the fans this year though. With Ajith going through potentially his career best phase there is clamor among the entertainment channels to cash in on the mania of the star.

The result is that fans of the star get to see his latest hits on small screens this May Day back to back. Two rival and biggest Tamil channels have decided to telecast these films on May Day as birthday gift to the fans. And the happiness for the fans doesn’t end there, a film of star from the past Amarkalam gets re-released on May 1 as birthday special for the fans. So as you can see there is so much for the fans to choose from. With two back to back successful films and a film in the combination of Gauam Menon on sets, this birthday seems to be extra special for the fans to celebrate.