F3 Ticket Rates For Ante SundaranikiThe debate over ticket prices has become a neverending issue in the Telugu states. Nani‘s Ante Sundaraniki movie is releasing this week, and all eyes are on its ticket prices.

In Hyderabad, the ticket prices for Ante Sundaraniki are fixed at Rs. 250 Rs for Multiplexes and Rs. 175 for Single Screens. For premium multiplexes like AMB, the prices have been kept at Rs. 295.

Though these prices are not high as KGF 2 or RRR, they are still exorbitant for a medium-budget movie. These prices worked very well for movies like Major and Vikram, but a film like F3 couldn’t benefit from it. The Venky-Varun Tej might have seen better collections, especially in the second week, if the prices were lower.

Ante Sundaraniki is an important film not for just Nani but also for the industry, as the success of such medium budget films will give a boost to the morale of the industry, which is reeling under flops.