Extreme Reactions on iSmart Shankar TrailerTwitterati seem to be pouring out extreme reactions on the trailer of Puri’s upcoming movie ‘iSmart Shankar‘. Even the trolls don’t seem to have picked up the right words to troll the trailer content of the movie.

When it is Puri Jagannadh’s movie, we expect things to be loud and the hero’s elevation over the top, by default. The trailer of ‘iSmart Shankar’, Puri’s combination with enegetic Ram was also expected to be over the top and louder than any one his films.

In that aspect, Puri didn’t disappoint, though. He came up with something overtly done to the point of irriration. Twitterati see the trailer as unbearable and hard to sit, through the two plus odd minutes. They wondered, hiw could thry sit through for two hours.

Some are worried if all the hype created by the music will be spoilt by this overtly done drama. Others who believed that Puri may deliver a hit, seem to be in two minds, now. Many found that Ram’s Telangana slang wasn’t impressive.

Even Ram’s fans are worried about the movie and the kind of extreme reactions pouring in against the content and the portrayal of the lead actor. Will Puri prove them wrong?