Exposed: Fake Campaign On NTR30Not so long ago, there was a widespread campaign on NTR30, saying Janhvi Kapoor rejected the offer to star alongside Jr NTR in the film. A section of the Telugu crowd on social media extensively carried these reports.

But as confirmed by Janhvi herself, she hasn’t yet received the opportunity to act alongside Jr NTR.

When asked about the rumors about her being approached for NTR’s film, the actress replied “The opportunity of working with NTR sir would mean so much to me. I am open to it. But unfortunately, the opportunity hasn’t presented itself. I’m waiting and hoping it would happen.”

Coming back to the negative campaign against NTR30, Janhvi isn’t even such big of a star to reject NTR’s film. But the narrative was spread in such a way that so as to project Bollywood actresses are not ready to act with NTR.

The fake campaign has been bluntly exposed now as Janhvi was never really approached for the film. But again, these senseless campaigns are a part of the Telugu film industry which is a breeding ground for fan wars.