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Expected is Happening for 2.0′

Expected is Happening for '2.0' Movie Release DateIt was like a series of confusing developments with regard to the release date of Shankar’s ‘2.0‘, one after the other. ‘Will it be coming for the coming Republic Day or Not? Will it be postponed to April 2018 or not?’ The confusion continued for many days.

Here comes an official information that the movie is indeed postponed to a later date and so, Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’ will get a date to release the movie in April 2018. As we had speculated earlier, it’s the VFX works of the movie that are taking time and the makers can’t make haste.

The CG department needs more time to work on this sci-fi thriller. This was expected when Akshay Kumar said his Bollywood movie ‘Padman’ would be coming on 26th January. So, the confusion is finally cleared making way for the release of ‘Padman’, this coming Republic Day.


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