Looks like the top guns of Tollywood are raging a fresh war against the regional censor board officer A. Dhanalaxmi. Apparently, top producers of the industry have a lot of grudge against her, an issue which was discussed in a crucial executive meeting.

Explaining how Dhanalaxmi ‘broke rules’ to stop his film, a producer stated, “Usually, revising committee doesn’t allow members who have already watched the film. But Dhanalaxmi argued with Smt. Pankaja Thakur, CEO, CBFC, for nearly 20 minutes, to let her in but Pankaja refused. Then, Dhanalaxmi issued a certificate with a note `subject to court order’ which has never happened for a Telugu film. Please, we don’t want her.”

About the opportunities for his replacement, a source revealed, “We will be sending a letter to Manish Tewari and we hope he understands. If he agrees, then it will be possible for us to have a Telugu speaking and a professional regional officer.”