Exclusive: Sai Pallavi Rejects Big Fat Endorsement DealLeading heroine Sai Pallavi leads a systematic life and has made it clear on many occasions that she is never after money. But many stars don’t follow what they preach.

But Sai Pallavi is different. She has always been even against signing commercial ads and never endorses any particular beauty product or any other item.

Meanwhile, the exclusive news is that Sai Pallavi politely refused to sign a deal to endorse a popular entertainment channel. Reportedly, she was offered Rs 2 crore to promote various events and teleserials telecasting on the particular channel, but the talented actress rejected the offer saying that she has no idea about other entertainment activities except for the films. She said when she doesn’t have any clarity on such programs, how can she endorse them. POINT.

Now, this news has become a hot topic of discussion among the film circles as Rs 2 crore is not a small amount, and it’s shocking yet commendable that Sai Pallavi rejected it just like that without any second thought. Really goes on to prove that she is not in the industry just to make some quick bucks.

Earlier, Sai Pallavi even refused to act opposite Megastar Chiranjeevi in Bholaa Shankar, which is a remake of the Tamil hit, Vedalam. She has strictly mentioned that it’s against her principles to act in any remakes.