Exclusive: RRR Team Looking At This DateHadn’t it been for the Covid third wave, RRR would have hit the silver screens on the 7th of this month. But the film’s release plan has been altered and it is pushed to a later date. Now, we are hearing an interesting update pertaining to the theatrical release of RRR.

Going into the story, the Omicron outbreak graph in South Africa and USA suggests that the caseload will spike at an alarming rate and it will also go down at a rather quick rate. The fact that the caseload in the USA dropped by 47% in a week proves the same.

If this is anything to go by, the Covid 3rd wave in India might also nullify at a brisk pace. This observation is now giving new hopes to the men behind RRR.

Apparently, the makers of RRR are eyeing March 18 as the potential release date for the film if the Covid situation subsides by then. Incidentally, the makers of Akshay Kumar’s Bachchan Pandey had already announced that the film will be releasing on the 18th of March.

But it wouldn’t be too big of a task for Rajamouli to convince Akshay Kumar to postpone Bachchan Pandey’s release, given the respect he commands in the Bollywood circuit.

That said, it is too early tp speculate about RRR’s release date. The release plan will ultimately depend on the Covid situation, which is rather unpredictable. We need to wait and see if RRR will actually lock 18 March slot.