Netflix Baahubali Web-SeriesNetflix’s flagship Indian web series Baahubali: Before The Beginning has reportedly been shelved.

There are reports claiming that around Rs 150 crores went down the drain as Netflix decided to scrap the project as the final output did not meet the desired standards.

When we caught up with a source close to Deva Katta, who was initially roped in to conceive and direct the series, along with Praveen Sattaru, we got to know that they weren’t given enough time to conceptualize the project. Both of them were out of the project, three years ago. And they have no clue what is happening with it after that.

The primary complaint is that things were rushed right from the pre-production phase and the directors and writers weren’t even given enough time to come up with well-rounded screenplay. Consequently, they had to opt out.

Netflix then “reenvisioned” the series and their content production team in Mumbai was calling the shots. Which did not work out great either as Netflix wasn’t satisfied with the output churned out by this team.

All in all, Netflix made a big mess of a cornerstone-worthy project. It is heard that the creative heads and teams are to be blamed for this, rather than the OTT platform, as an entity.