RRR Movie Run TimeSS Rajamouli’s RRR is arriving on January 7th ahead of the Sankranthi season. The makers are going to aggressively promote the film starting next month. They are going to kickstart the campaign with the trailer launch on December 5th.

Meanwhile, Rajamouli is busy locking the final copy of the film. We are told that RRR Runtime had arrived at Three Hours Seven Minutes for now. But then, as we know, Rajamouli is a perfectionist who keeps making changes till the last minute and so that can change by the time of the release.

However, despite the changes, the movie’s Runtime will still arrive at around three hours. Usually, three hours Runtime is considered lengthy for the audience to sit back and enjoy but then, Rajamouli is a magician who can do that easily.

RRR will have NTR playing Telangana Warrior Komaram Bheem while Ram Charan will be seen as Alluri Sita Rama Raju. Their camaraderie or face-off will be the major highlight of the film.