Nandamuri-Balakrishna-Shiva-RajkumarNandamuri Balakrishna is going through one of the best phases of his career. He has been scoring big hits at the box office and also earning goodwill among the neutrals lately.

Now he has pulled off a casting coup of sorts as he has okayed a sensational two-part multistarrer film that will be produced by Kannada superstar Rajkumar’s son Shiv Rajkumar.

Our team has exclusively learned that while the first part will have Balakrishna will be pitted against none other than Thalaiva Rajinikanth, the second part will have Balakrishna and Shiv Rajkumar in the lead. A Kannada director will direct the film. Of course, the film is still in the planning stages, and other details will be revealed later.

In the past, Balayya was always trolled for his poor choice of films and for working with outdated directors. Even his fans blamed him for poorly planning his career.

But now, in the last 2-3 years, he is back in super form, and the two-part film is just something that would make his fans go into a frenzy. Among the senior star heroes, Balakrishna definitely has the best lineup.

It will be a cinematic pleasure to see Balakrishna and Rajinikanth together along with Shiv Rajkumar. A huge treat from Balakrishna is loading for sure!