Hrithik roshan - MahabharataMahabharata‘ is presently making a lot of noise for being a project of Rs. 1000 crores and to be made in six different languages. So, the star cast is going to be huge and we can expect the most talented of the actors coming to play the crucial roles.

While it is Mohanlal for Bheema’s role, the director’s first choice for the role of Lord Krishna is going to surprise you. The director, Shrikumar Menon wants either Hrithik Roshan or Mahesh Babu to play the Lord. This would definitely enchant the fans of both the actors.

We were earlier discussing how Rajamouli was discussing Lord Sri Krishna’s character with Aamir Khan and one day, Rajamouli would come up with ‘Mahabharata’. As Shrikumar is making ‘Mahabharata’, will it still be Rajamouli’s future project?