Excellent-Planning-For-Bharat-Ane-Nenu-In-The-USGreat India Films (GIF) which is distributing Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Bharat Ane Nenu is coming up with impressive planning to make the best of the powerful combination commercially. Here are some smart moves they are making.

Bharat Ane Nenu is going to be the widest release ever for Superstar Mahesh Babu. And this happens at the lowest possible price. Yes, you read that right. The premiere prices of BAN are pegged at 20 Dollars only. It is lower than all the previous four films of the star.

In the recent past Moviepass has helped a great deal in premieres as the prices came lower for the audience due to discounts. However, recently MoviePass is not working for big films which is making it difficult for the movie lovers. To continue the affordability, the distributors have smartly priced the ticket which is sure to affect the final numbers. Whether it is positive or negative, we will know when the movie arrives in cinemas on April 19th.