Everyone Scared Me About RajamouliWriter Sai Madhav Burra, the writer of many successful films including the recent super hits ‘Krack’ and ‘Jathi Rathnalu’ has been working with Rajamouli for multi-starrer RRR. He thinks that it’s like a dream come true kind of opportunity for him.

When he got the chance, everyone scared him saying that it would be tough to work with Rajamouli as he wasn’t the one to be pleased easily. However, the writer thinks otherwise due to his working experience with Rajamouli, the director has clarity like no one else.

So, there was no anxiety whatsoever and it was a fun ride for him throughout. The director has the capability of visualising the end product that we get to watch on the screens. Nice to hear such things about Rajamouli who took Telugu cinema to another level.

By the way, Sai Madhav Burra is going to work for Prabhas in Nag Aswin’s movie and promises that the story would be on the next level and it’s not science fiction as per the speculations that are rife. But, he didn’t want to reveal the genre.

The writer is doing multiple projects and is also penning ‘Shakunthalam’ to be helmed by Gunasekhar and the writer assured that the ancient drama would cater to the present days’ audiences also.