sukumar interview about kumari21f movieAs expected Sukumar’s first production venture ‘Kumari 21 F’ has catered to the college going youth big way and the film is seeing increased footfalls to theaters after the release in spite of the ‘A’ certificate. Writer cum producer of the movie Sukumar says that this youthful film is a perfect watch for family even. How?

He says the characters of Hebah Patel and Raj Tharun reflect the youth of present day, their understandings, their maturity and their reservations and insecurities. Hence every father must know what his son or daughter going through and therefore this film will be a perfect watch for family even says Sukumar.

The character of Hebah Patel aka Kumari is created from his own experience from college days about a bold girl who went to picnic with guys and hence stamped as ‘loose’ character. Sukumar also reveals that he was in love once but never dared to express his love and he was that type of guy who would want the girl to propose him like Kumari did in the film.