Even Stars Must Do Work Shop for My Film - Sandeep ReddySandeep Reddy Vanga has brought a path-breaking bold film and hence his experiences as the director of ‘Arjun Reddy‘ are considered valuable. He did a workshop with main artists before the film went on to the sets.

Vijay is a young actor and the heroine is a newbie. So, they were naturally open to the idea of doing a workshop before the actual shooting. If Sandeep Reddy gets ready to do a film with a big star, will he make the star to accept for a workshop? The director says, “Yes.”

In Bollywood, star heroes like Shahrukh Khan do workshops for their films as they know the importance of getting into the skin of their characters. “What’s wrong in doing that?” questioned Sandeep Reddy.

He is confident that he can convince the stars and if one can convince the stars, they too will be open to such new ideas according to the director. The idea seems to be good. Let’s see how far it would be feasible