Even-Rajinikanth-Isn't-Spared-from-Being-TrolledOnly a few people know how to throw satires but not hurt in the process. The makers of the Tamil film ‘Tamiz Padam 2’ trolled none other than Rajnikanth and his movie ‘2.0’ but that was done in a good sense and it will make us appreciate the satire.

They released a poster ‘Tamiz Padam 2.0′ and then announced that their film is postponed for the pending heavy VFX works and hence, they had to push the release date (pun intended to mock at the postponement of Rajinikanth’s 2.0’). Do you know what visual work is getting delayed?

It’s the VFX work on the hero’s biceps and shoulder is being done in Los Angeles, California and the wrinkle removal VFX work is being done in Amsterdam. Now, we know who they are trolling and why. However, this is done only to announce the postponement of their movie in a funny manner. ‘Tamiz Padam 2’ was postponed because of the TFPC strike and had to wait for a release date as many other films are in the pipeline.