Rana Daggubati - Aranya-‘Aranya’ is soon to hit the theatres on 26th March this Friday and irrespective of the box-office result of the movie, Rana Daggubati‘s experiences while shooting with the elephants in the jungles would remain with him forever.

Narrating one anecdote when he was scared during the shoot, Rana aks how it would be if eighteen elephants walk around a person when one elephant’s walk is enough to shake the earth. One fine day, those elephants saw a banana in Rana’s shirt.

Now, you may guess what would have happened? All of them came towards Rana for the sake of the banana. So, he was really scared that day and we can also imagine how scary it would have been. ‘Aranya’ is a kind of movie that demands shooting with real elephants in real forests.

When the movie is about protecting the elephant corridor in deep jungles and preventing smuggling and other illegal activities, the approach should be authentic. Therefore, Rana and his team’s approach was really appreciable to shoot in the real locales.