Evaru Meelo KoteeswaruluThe curtain raiser episode of Young Tiger NTR’s Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu has concluded last night. Jr NTR‘s RRR costar Ram Charan is the first guest for the show. NTR has already proved himself with Bigg Boss what he is capable of and so there is a lot of interest in the show.

The curtain raiser banks on the chemistry between the Superstar ahead of RRR. This will be a mixed bag maybe. We have seen the bonhomie between them for the last two years in the name of RRR. We know longer have that wow factor when they come together.

But then, the TV audience who are not in constant touch with the social media happenings may still like it. The questions and conversations scripted between them sounded artificial and forced yet times. We see both of them complimenting each other and trying to be more diplomatic which did not look natural.

Ram Charan’s dramatic expressions for very easy questions did not work as well. But then, there are moments which worked like both of them singing a song together, etc. Ram Charan‘s episode will continue today as well and we will also have them interacting with Rana tonight.

It is too early to judge anything about NTR in this celebrity sessions. The true self will be out with the commoners where he will be more natural and his usual self. The curtainraiser is not good, not bad. It will still be a good watch for the common TV audience.