ETV Prabhakar Son TrollingETV Prabhakar is a household name who gained popularity with serials and game shows on the small screen. Now his son Chandra Hass is making his debut, and recently a press meet was conducted to introduce him to the media and audience.

Chandra Hass’s attitude during the event became an object of trolling on social media. Trolls were targetting him for his body language which was showing off his arrogance and overconfidence. Some were saying that he was already behaving like a star with buildup and doing over-action in front of the media.

There are also many videos floating where ETV Prabhakar is allegedly firing on YouTubers for trolling his son.

There’s a saying that any publicity is good publicity in the film industry. Chandra Hass has already become a troll sensation on social media even before the release of his first film.

Whatever may be the reason, he has become famous without spending much on PR and that is good news for the young actor.