lingaa movie and eros Superstar Rajinikanth is coming with a mass entertainer after a long time. Fans are naturally excited for the film and so would the trade be, one would expect. But that has not been the case with this Superstar film and the reason for this is Eros.

Eros International has been having rough time as production and distribution outlet this year. All the film presented by them in the South have bitten the dust and left the local distributors in red. This loss is hurting them now as they try to bring Lingaa to the theatres. The local distributors in Telugu film industry are not coming forward to buy the film due to their past experiences with Eros. As a result Lingaa, with just a week away from release, is still to be sold in major areas in TFI.

The same is story with the Kerala distribution rights of the film as we have reported earlier. Will Superstar Rajinikanth turn the luck of Eros around for good or succumb to their bad run at the box office, we will know in a week’s time.