Enmity With Pawan Kalyan Is Not PermanentDespite actor Ali and Pawan Kalyan again having bonded again, rumours and speculations about the alleged bitterness or fake friendship keeps hitting headlines. Actor Ali has now yet again cleared rumours about his thoughts on Pawan Kalyan in a latest interview.

Actor Ali feels that whatever back then Pawan had spoken about him that was not something the Jana Sena chief could say. “Pawan Kalyan must have been instigated about me, and he must have been made to speak such things, else he wouldn’t have spoken anything about me,” says Ali.

Ali adds that politics, cinema and friendship are different. Whatever happened was done and dusted. The actor adds that Pawan Kalyan and himself continue to have a good bond and enmity with Pawan is not permanent. Ali had known Pawan Kalyan since the days of Suswagatham and the duo has acted in nearly 26 films so far.

For the unversed, the alleged rift started after Ali joined YSRCP instead of close friend Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena. Post that many theories and reports were cicuted that the duo has fallen out. However, with Ali’s comments it is clear that all is well between the two.