Enjoy Picture, Don’t Create Scene – Ram to His Fans

Enjoy-iSmart-Shankar,-Don't-Create-Scene---Ram-to-His-FansJust the teaser and the trailer give a clear indicatio on what Ram meant when he said, ‘Cigarette smoking, consumption of alcohol and following iSmart Shankar in real life are injurious to health.

This he posted as a statutory warning. A fan has got a doubt if iSmart Shankar was a new presentation of bad and if it is not, why did Ram give a statutory warning.

Ram reminded the fans to watch it as a movie and enjoy it but not to create a scene (Idhi cinema ra bhai… Scene chudandi… Scene cheyakandi). One needn’t elaborate on what Ram wants to convey through this warning.

The mass elements in the trailer were over the top and the and mannerisms of the lead actor aren’t meant to be followed in real life. True.

Just asking. Then, why do they need to go so violent and too aggressive when they fear that it may impact the thought process of audiences, at least, a few?

Ram seems to be well aware of the controversies in the name debates that might eventually surface on a character like iSmart Shankar.

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