Enemies of India -“friendly countries” for the Censor Board!
Pakistan and India’s conflicts are very famous all over the world and lately China has also become one of the worst enemies of India. The film world uses this as an advantage to portray patriotism in the movies and the upcoming film ‘1000 Abbadalu’ also shows actor Nagababu displaying the same emotion for the two countries. However, the director of the film was highly surprised when Danalaxmi, the regional officer of the Censor Board, and the whole panel requested to cut some of those dialogues where Pakistan and China are being described as India’s ‘worst enemies”.

The character palyed by Nagababu in this film is of a patriot and he informs his friends that Pakistan and China are not to be trusted considering they are India’s worst enemies. Although, while passing through the censor board Ms Danalaxmi insisted on removing those parts of the films. The director said that they were “friendly countries” but after about two hours of hard work on director Teja’s part, he managed to convince her.