Tharun Bhascker One of the emerging potential star directors from the younger lot, Tharun Bhascker has stirred the hornet nest. It resulted in a nonstop troll from the fans. Now, the director has filed a cyber-criminal case on a couple of them.

Getting into details, Tharun Bhasker cryptically, but openly criticized the movies of top stars in Telugu cinema. He complained about the formulaic fares that are prevalent in Telugu cinema. Citing the example of Malayalam movie Kappela, Tharun Bhascker termed that these are also called ‘movies’.It particularly hit the raw nerves of a fan base of a star. Specific words in the director’s message were plain and straightforward, indicating him.

What followed by a series of troll stuff on Tharun Bhascker. He has been the target continuously since then. Finally, it looks like the director felt enough is enough and decided to take an official route to put an end.

Tharun Bhascker mentioned the names of the fans on whom the complaint was filed. He said that they distorted the opinion of the original post by him. They were reprimanded for behaving on social media, particularly about trolling individuals, abusive language and personal attacks.

The director suggested that it wouldn’ stop with these two and asked fans to control their behaviour. Let’s see if the action by Tharun Bhascker brings a positive change among the fans or if they continue to go about their ways, as usual.