Niharika-Konidela-DivorceA lot is being said about the marriage life of Niharika and her husband Chaitanya. The couple had deleted each other’s photos from their respective social media handles, leading to multiple reports.

However, all the fuss and attention about Niharika’s personal life is not getting transended into the promotions of Niharika’s upcoming series.

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Niharika has done a comedy drama series titled Dead Pixels, which is gearing up for its OTT premeires soon. She is actively promoting the series and also interacting with the Telugu media about the same.

But luckily for the mega family actress, she isn’t facing any questions pertaining to her divorce from the Telugu media. Usually, when something like this is in the offing, the media will surely ask the actors about what’s happening with their lives. But luckily for Niharika, she is not facing any such questions.

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Perhaps the PR team has strongly asked the media not to ask Niharika any personal questions. This could be the only logical explanation behind the lack of personal questions to the young actress.

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