Sivakarthikeyan VoteThis may come as a surprise as we condemn those actors who preach to cast one’s vote but they fail to turn up when it’s their time to cast their vote. But the Election Commission was serious on Tamil actor Sivakarthiyan for casting his vote. There is a reason behind this, nevertheless.

When the actor went to cast his vote, his name was found missing. It’s a known thing that some names get deleted from the voters’ list for no reason. So, the actor went away only to return after an hour. After a heated argument with the election personnel discharging their duties, he was allowed to vote. The actor shared this news on Twitter with a pic in which he was showing the indelible ink on his left forefinger. He fought for the vote.

But, when a person’s name doesn’t exist on the voters’ list, there is no such provision that he/she can exercise his/her power to vote. Only if someone casts an individual’s vote by fraud, only then can that individual argue for his right. So, EC can initiate action on the Election Personnel who allowed him to vote.