EGE carrying positive reports- will Sumanth bounce back?

Remember Sumanth the actor with films like Satyam, Gauri and Godavari etc to his credit. The actor was last seen in the damp squib Daggaraga Dooranga and post its release the actor has been completely absent from the public space. Now after a long gap the actor is going to come with a new film tiled as Emo Gurram Egaravachu. The film is directed by Chandra Siddharth who has in the past made the film Madhumasam with the actor.

Emo Gurram Egaravachu has completed its shoot some time ago and the makers are currently conduction test screenings for the film in Hollywood style to get a report on the film. The reactions so far from those test screenings have been positive which has boosted the confidence of the unit that can be seen by Sumanth’s latest update about the film.

The film is very crucial for further progress in the career of Sumanth as he has not got a clean success in more than five years. Only two films Pourudu and Madhumasam, post Godavari can be seen as some sort of success commercially during this period where as Golconda High School was relegated to being just a critic favorite. So for the actor to move forward with strong vigor the success of this film is a crucial one. Let’s wait and see if the final audience reaction is the same as this test audience reaction.