Eesha Rebba Reveals Her Fears in the IndustryWith her heroine oriented thriller movie, Ragala 24 Gantallo is ready to hit screens this weekend, Eesha Rebba is busy attending the promotional events and the interviews where she spoke about her fears in the industry being a Telugu girl.

The trailer of the film got a positive response giving good hopes to the struggling heroine to finally see success in her career which could also be the turning point for the Telugu girl’s cinema career. Speaking about her choice of roles and how she restricts herself only to choose the lead heroine roles even she loves to do a perfect character in a film where the story is the hero like “Awe!”

As Eesha told in the interview, she is scared to pick any character oriented roles in a film no matter how great the role is, that too here in our industry as they would simply stereotype her to such roles a and put a stamp on her that she would only make/fits to do character roles but won’t take for lead roles anymore.

And this stereotyping offer is exclusive for a Telugu girl like her in the Telugu industry. Also, another fear of her is that no matter how hot she is, they just would see her for those village type traditional girl roles and even this is because she is a Telugu girl as if Telugu girls can’t be hot. Not fair right?