Rajamouli’s Eega is soaring high at the box office raking mind boggling numbers. Keeping aside the commerce of the movie, it is the content of the movie that is attracting the eyeballs of entire world. Prior to Eega, International animators reportedly used to look Indian animators cheaply but the Animation work in eega proved them all wrong. The team at Makuta VFX* had toiled day and night for delivering extraordinary output. Requiring the full range of effects work from character animation through to set extension work, they successfully executed and completed an astronomical amount of work to a quality not seen before nationally.

As a result, Hollywood producers are now looking at Indian animators for their movies.

*Makuta VFX – Makuta is a fully-fledged visual effects facility based out in Hyderabad covering a full gamut of requirements from active on-set visual effects supervision through to immersive digital set extension, digital matte painting, high-end feature animation and effects work, clean-up, motion tracking and final compositing. They have previously worked for movies like Ghajini, Magadheera, Maryada Ramanna, Badrinath, 7th Sense, Sri Rama Rajyam and now Eega.