The most anticipated movie of this year , SS Rajamouli’s celluloid wonder ‘Eega’ had released worldwide today.’Eega’ was supposed to be released long back,
but due to the pending technical and graphic works, film release got delayed. However the hype on this movie hasn’t decreased as Rajamouli is the director
and ‘Eega’ has created enough buzz all over the nation with National channels too giving it good coverage. Here is the first day talk of the movie.


1. Never before graphics work
2. Performances of the cast especially by Sudeep
3. Superb Background score


1.Slow narration
2.Not so convincing scenes leading to climax.
3.No suspense in story as it’s revealed prior.
4. Few logical errors

BO Prediction:

The entire industry is in a trance the hype created by the movie with zero star power. No director ever in the history had got so much of elevation. And this is not achieved easily.It is not easy acting in a scene where you do not see the other actor, You will have to visualize the scene in your mind and to strike the imagination chord in every artist requires tremendous story telling talent and perfect screenplay. Its a collective effort of Direction, VFX team, Editing team, Sound effects.

Eega is first of its kind movie in Tollywood. The movie will go very well with audience who do ignore few logical errors here and there. If the majority of the audience do that, the movie for sure will make wonders at the box office.