DVV Danayya Shames Biased MediaHe has been in the field for a long time and has made some big films with almost all the top heroes. Today, his film RRR has gone to the Oscars, and the Naatu Naatu song took home the statuette.

Producer DVV Danayya has remained behind the scenes throughout his career not just for RRR.

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Because of this nature, a section of biased media started making allegations on SS Rajamouli that he intentionally sidelined Danayya as he wanted to hog all the limelight at the Oscars. It sounds silly to read that Rajamouli sidelined Danayya for credit but that’s how this biased media cooked up stories.

During a recent interview on a YouTube channel, Danayya said he is proud that he will be remembered as the producer of RRR, which made waves internationally and won the Oscars for the country. He said he is thankful to SS Rajamouli for honoring his more than a decade-old commitment and giving him a chance to produce such a magnum opus. He said history would remember that RRR was produced by Danayya, and that is enough for him.

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He slammed and shamed all those who tried to take advantage of his absence to blame Rajamouli for sidelining him.

Danayya says he was very happy that he could get an heir from the Nandamuri family and one heir from the mega family in the same frame and feels extremely gratified. DVV Danayya silenced all those jealous souls who are crying day in and day out on Rajamouli.

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