Dulquer Reveals Allu Arjun's Mallu Market SecretSita Ramam is going super strong at the Box Office. The film’s Success meet happened in Hyderabad earlier today. King Nagarjuna is the Chief Guest for the event.

It is a known fact that Allu Arjun is a huge star in Kerala. He commands good box office pull there. On the sidelines of the event, Dulquer was asked about it, the Malayali superstar Dulquer Salmaan made an interesting comment.

“Allu Arjun is a big star in Kerala. Moreover, he made it big in Malayalam at a crucial juncture. He came in at a time when Malayalam cinema was predominantly running in senior stars. He was the young star who proved the audience are ready to encourage young blood,” Dulquer said.

Dulquer added that Allu Arjun was an inspiration to the young gen Malayali stars as he showed young stars could make it big in the industry while senior stars while ruling the roost. Well, Allu Arjun never did a straight Malayali film but his influence on Mallu cinema is clearly evident going by Dulquer.