akhil movie benefit show talkA solo release for a festival is a dream release for any film let alone a big budget. Now is that movie is a debut venture, one couldn’t ask for more practically speaking. But is that enough in the case of Akhil? Going by the advance booking one can say it isn’t.

The advance booking for Akhil has been opened few days ago and now only two days are remaining for the film to hit the screens, yet the occupancies across important centers reported so far are dull. Apart from few A centers like Vijayawada, Vizag etc there is not much activity happening in terms of advances.

Postponement of the film and November release can be attributed to the low response so far. But still it’s surprising considering the fact that the film had hype just couple of weeks ago. All the hopes now are on the actual release day of the film and if things could take a positive turn based on word of mouth.

The target right now is to get the biggest opening ever for a Akkineni family film and thanks to the huge release given it seems to be on cards for sure. Keep checking this space for further updates on the box office of highly anticipated debut of Akhil.