Dubbing movies market depletes in AP!

There was a time when direct Telugu movies used to face the wrath of dubbing movies and there were calls all around for banning them or imposing restrictions on release like heavy tax, limited release etc. But all of sudden, the effect of dubbing movies decreased on its own in the last 1-2 years. The effect was so big that the simultaneous release of Telugu and Tamil versions of actors like Karthi and Ajith who enjoy good popularity in AP is also not happening. There is no talk about the Telugu release of Karthi’s All in All Azhaghu Raja and Ajith’s Aarambham.

While there is no definite explanation why this is happening. A popular distributor from Nizam opined that, “There were times we used to quote movies of Suriya and Karthi on par with our heroes, distributors and exhibitors of their earlier movies, 7th Sense, Brothers and Shakuni lost a big amount. And the effect is being felt on all the dubbing movies”. All eyes now on Rajinikanth’s Vikram Simha.