Dubbing controversy over Swiss Bank Ki Daredi settledFor the past week or so there has been a controversy in Kannada film industry over the dubbing process of the film Topiwala starring Upendra in the lead. The film has been dubbed without his knowledge said the actor who also reportedly holds the rights of the film. But finally the issue seems to be settled as the actor has come to know that it is the producer Kanakapura Srinivas who has sold the dubbing rights without notifying the actor. Both producer and actor seem to have reached an understanding and the issue looks to be settled finally.

Topiwala is being dubbed into Telugu as Swiss Bank Ki Daredi and promotional activities for the film have already begun. Couple of songs’ recording was released in Kolaveri Di style few days ago creating buzz online. Upendra has in the past delivered few hits in Telugu with his dubbed films and whether or not they are hits they have always has good openings. This is one of the reasons why the actor keeps the dubbing rights of his film with himself. One has to wait and see if Swiss Bank Ki Daredi follows suit or not.