Dual Role Is No Big Deal - NaniNani has been quite a sport when it came to playing double roles and proved that he can pull off the dual act, quite impressively. After ‘Jendapai Kapiraju’ and ‘Gentleman’, Nani is coming up with dual roles in ‘Krishnarjuna Yuddham’.

Speaking about his dual roles Nani said, “Dual roles are like doing one movie instead of two movies. No big deal but it’s a bit hectic when one does dual roles.” Was it that simple to pull off the dual-role act in a movie?” Nani accepts that it wasn’t easy as he has many combination scenes between the two roles he had played. It was challenging.

For one question when Nani was asked if he was getting repetitive by doing dual roles, Nani opined, “If doing dual roles is called routine, then Kamal Haasan must be called the most routine actor.” Getting into the skin of the characters and make the audiences believe the characters is the main essence of playing dual roles, according to Nani.