Samantha Pushpa Item song copyTollywood music composers are always under enormous pressure. They are always expected to deliver fresh and chartbuster audio singles while working on star heroes’ films. When a top music director delivers a poorly composed song, or one that has the same tune as that of an old song, he will be in the firing line.

Now, Devi Sri Prasad is on the receiving end for his apparent ‘copy-paste’ job. Netizens are calling out DSP for his shobby work for the newly released item number from Pushpa.

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A video clip of ‘Honey Honey’ song from Suriya‘s Ayan (Veedokkade in Telugu) is being extensively shared on social media to mock Devi Sri Prasad. The said song has the same tune as that of the newly released ‘Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava’ item song from Pushpa.

Netizens are now saying Devi Sri Prasad has blatantly copied the tune from ‘Honey Honey’ and used for the song in Pushpa. It needs to be said that Pushpa’s song is indeed strikingly similar to that of ‘Honey Honey’.

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It is never a wise idea to use rehashed tune for a star hero’s film, let alone a much anticipated song that has Samantha in the role of a special dancer.

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