DSP-Audio-Disappoints,-But-“Mass”ive-Video-Potential-For-Anil-RavipudiThe first song from the most eagerly awaited movie for Sankranthi 2020, Sarileru Neekevvaru is out. The single which goes by the lyric ‘Mind Block’ comes from music director Devi Sri Prasad.

‘Mind Block’ is the kind of song whose impression doesn’t change with multiple listening’s. The first impression is closest to the best impression, and that is, it is a typical and routine mass number from Devi Sri Prasad. Is this an outright disaster? Well, it is not, but there is nothing remotely fresh in it. Of course, Anil Ravipud is not particularly known for blockbuster audios. So that should also be kept in mind. It is the equivalent of ‘Rechipodam Brother’ from the directors last outing F2.

However, there is ample scope for “Mind Block” to register. It is because of the potential with the video. The glimpses that we get from the lyrical video and the energy that one can make out through it holds immense potential for terrific ‘mass’ picturization. If Anil Ravipudi can get those visuals on screen, the song can score big time, post-release.

As standalone audio and that too for instant reactions, ‘Mind Block’ won’t give any significant high. One also gets a feeling that the makers might be doing too much concerning the ‘mass’ output. It could backfire if it goes overboard.

Listen to the song below. We have to see if the upcoming songs belong to the same level or are better. Usually, the first single is the best one, but sometimes there are exceptions. Let’s hope that is the case here.