Ram Gopal Varma RajamouliRGV and his drunk tweets are more famous than his recent films. And it is also true that on many occasions what he said after gulping down some pegs was not entirely wrong. Intentionally, unintentionally, or sarcastically, RGV has spoken some interesting facts after getting intoxicated.

Last night RGV took to his Twitter account and wrote, “Hey
ss rajamouli.. U basically SURPASSED every filmmaker from K Asif who made MughaleAzam till Ramesh Sippy who made Sholay and also the likes of Aditya Chopras, Karan Johars and the Bhansalis of India and I want to suck ur little toe for that.”

He added, “And sir, please increase ur security because there is a bunch of filmmakers in India who out of pure jealousy formed an assassination squad to kill you, of which I am also a part ..Am just spilling out the secret because I am 4 drinks down!”

SS Rajamouli has attained international stardom after RRR. He has taken Telugu cinema to heights that were unimaginable. He is the biggest celebrity in India right now and the biggest of stars and makers want to work with him, not just in India but also worldwide.

Such unprecedented success is sure to make other Indian directors definitely jealous and insecure. While the plans to assassinate Rajamouli are too far-fetched, it is true that the biggest directors in India will surely be envious of seeing Rajamouli get such accolades on global platforms.