Drunk and Drive Clip Caught Manchu Manoj's AttentionThere was a video clip that went viral some time ago on the internet and that clip caught the attention of Manchu Manoj, now. He shared the clip and captioned it, ‘If you are caught many times for drunk and drive, this is what happens.’

For those who didn’t chance upon the viral clip, it’s a regular kind of clip when media persons throng to the audiences to find out the first word of mouth after the first show of a new film’s screening. While everyone was giving ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for the question if they liked the movie, one person is seen breathing into the mike held by the media person.

Clearly, the guy might have been caught many times for drunk and drive and therefore, mistook mike as the breath analyzer. It’s a bit late that Manchu Manoj saw this viral clip. Anyway, it was a hilarious clip that went viral on Whatsapp and other social media, as well.