Drugs Case Cleanchit To Tollywood Celebs!The sensational drugs case involving the Tollywood celebrities fizzed out after making a lot of noise in the media. Earlier the Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed by the Telangana Government did not press for any charges, in this case, now Enforcement Directorate (ED) is also taking the same route.

The ED investigation in the Tollywood drugs case is over. Cine celebrities also got a clean chit in the whole case. The ED has conducted a lengthy investigation into the diversion of funds along with drug imports. The ED has questioned 12 actors from Tollywood in connection with the case.

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Their bank statements of the celebrities were also examined. However, the enforcement directorate is preparing to close the case due to a lack of proper evidence. Cine celebrities also got a clean chit in the whole case as there was no evidence of FEMA violations and Hawala.

This will come as a huge relief for the celebrities who were stressed a lot due to these cases.

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