Narappa - Drishyam 2Drishyam 2 is ruling the internet since its premiere online. People can’t stop talking about Mohan Lal and the various twits neatly written by director Jeetu Joseph.

The Telugu remake with Venkatesh is confirmed, and it too has added to the hype. Amidst all this, there is a movie that has taken a backseat. It suddenly is the last anticipated movie among the fans of the senior star. One might have guessed it by now; it is concerning Narappa.

As it is, Narappa is slated to arrive on May 14th, a day after a biggie. While theatres won’t be an issue, the subject gives it limited appeal initially. It needs to pick up through word of mouth. Now, imagine a situation where within a month, a movie with a far better buzz from the same star is set to hit the screens? Wouldn’t the audience and fans be more eager for that than something that needs to grow in strength?

If the word in the industry is to be believed, the Drishyam 2 remake will be wrapped quickly and be ready to release by June itself. Even if it is mid-June, there would be a month gap only between Narappa and Drishyam 2 remake.

Narappa has many hurdles to clear, but the biggest one now seems to be another Venky movie. Who would have thought this till a few months ago? Let’s see how it all pans out as Venkatesh will have three films in cinemas in quick succession.