Revealed! The Cast And Directors Of Karan Johar's Next Netflix Anthology, 'Ajeeb Daastaans'! Drishyam 2‘ starring Malayalam superstar Mohanlal in the lead role like in the prequel has been winning accolades for the director’s intense psychological drama and remaking it immediately into Telugu is seen as the best thing to happen.

Now, the director of the original Jeetu Joseph made it official that he is remaking the same in Telugu with Venkatesh, the lead actor in the prequel, as well. There seems to be everything on silver plate for the telugu remake with the prequel’s goodwill and the sequel’s hype.

Word of mouth is fast spreading and this will help the Telugu remake big time. Though a section of Telugu folks might have watched the Malayalam movie on the OTT platform, its very small, as small as only 1% watched the movie with English subtitles.

But, the bigger market would be the actual target. If Prime had gone for dubbed versions of other languages, the remake wouldn’t have been possible as there would be numerous pirate versions available killing the suspense factor of the story.

So far it didn’t happen, but if Prime decides to add the dubbed versions on its platform, then it will be a setback for Venkatesh’s remake as the producer of the original is remaking ‘Drishyam 2’ in Telugu and Venkatesh is giving a break for ‘F3’ for the time being.

If the Telugu dub version happens to be on Prime, pirated versions will start floating and the suspense factor will also get killed. We hope big-time that this doesn’t happen at all in the first place.