Anasuya Bharadwaj Kota Srinvias RaoAnasuya is no stranger to social media hate. Likewise, she doesn’t think twice before reacting to such derogatory comments on her passed by netizens. She has done the same now, but this time around, she has reacted to a comment made by Kota Srinivasa Rao, a senior Telugu actor.

Kota recently said Anasuya is a good actor but she needs to dress better and refrain from skin show. In response, Anasuya went nuts as she breathed fire on Kota.

“I didn’t expect comments like these from a senior actor. Moreover, when I am reacting to his comments, people are saying I shouldn’t be responding as it would be impolite to speak against a senior personality,” she said.

Well, Kota is an aged person and he might have some ‘Chaadastham’ as well. So, there is no point in reacting to his comments. It appears to be that Anasuya is blowing things out of proportion and overreacting to Kota’s comments.