This isn’t about any filmy scene shot but a real life incident which Charmee herself hared on her social networking site. She really had a fortunate escape by the grace of the almighty. Recently while the actress was travelling in a flight to Vizag, she experienced a sudden steep free fall in the flight. The passengers were anxious as there was no intimation or announcement from the crew of the flight regarding the problem in the flight. The passengers anxiety grew more and more because, they experienced the same 3 times during their flight to Vizag.

Thanking god on the miraculous escape Charmee shared on her social site, “There was no announcement from the cabin crew either about the fall in the height and it happened thrice in the 50 min journey. We all thought it was the end of our lives and were any anxious till the flight was grounded. I’ve been travelling across the world over 10 years and can tell thedifference between turbulent weather and dramatic fall inthe level of airliner? Thank God! We are safe.”