Qandeel-Baloch-criesPakistani model Qandeel Baloch is no less a drama queen than our Rakhi Sawant or Poonam Pandey who resort to different kind of cheap tricks for the sake of gaining publicity. She offered to strip dance for Pakistan team if it wins the T-20 ICC match against India held on 19th March.

But to her dismay, Pakistan lost the match. The drama queen was indeed disappointed. But she didn’t forget to make the most of the disappointment. She posted a video on Facebook post the defeat of Pakistan Cricket team. The video shows what a drama queen she is!

She cried for the loss and even abused Shahid Afridi for the defeat. She vowed that she wouldn’t allow team Pakistan to come to the country as they have lost to India. She foul cried ‘I hate you Afridi’, the same Afridi to whom she said that she loves him to the core.