Dozen Liplocks: Rare 'Allu' RecordAllu Sirish’s latest film, Urvasivo Rakshasivo, has received decent reviews from the audience. The comedy, the romance, and the execution were surprisingly better than what is expected from an Allu Sirish film.

But what surprised many is that the director incorporated more than a dozen liplocks in the film which didn’t feel vulgar or obscene.

Usually in Telugu films, even if there are one or two kiss scenes it is a big deal. Most of the stars refrain from doing liplock scenes due to the fear of losing the trust of the family audience.

But in this film, so many liplock scenes were picturized but still, it didn’t make the audience uncomfortable. The director and the actors, especially Anu Emannuel must be commended for their efforts to make it look aesthetic.

Also, Allu Sirish creates a unique record for having so many liplock scenes in one movie. This is one record that no Tollywood mainstream hero will be able to break in the near future.