Double Test For Devadas As First Look OutDevadas brings together Nagarjuna and Nani for the first time together. It is a combination that should have generated maximum heat among trade, but that is not the case until now. And there are reasons for it despite the first look being out.

The first and foremost is the director who is yet to give a big success. Sriram Adithya’s films have got good cast and reviews too have been favourable, but he has failed to deliver. But that wouldn’t have been a problem had there been no doubts regarding the main two pillars, Nagarjuna and Nani.

Both Nag and Nani are known for sharp and bankable script sense. However, off late, they have been missing the mark. In the past, they have delivered with unproven names, but now with recent failures behind them, there is scepticism among fans and trade. It is the reason why Devadas is a double test. Check out the first look below. The movie hits screens worldwide on September 27th.